Phased Plan Enshrined on UN-Hosted Website

Chapter One, Article One, Paragraph One of the UN Charter states the chief purpose of the POM.Palestine.UN.jpgUnited Nations:

To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;

The word “peace” is mentioned no less than five times in the opening paragraph alone! It should come as a surprise that only a few clicks away on the official website of the Palestinian Observer to the UN, hosted at, the official site for member states, you can find the full text of the PLO Phased Plan. It is a document which advocates “armed struggle” and a “combatant national authority”, diametrically opposed to the UN charter.

The Palestine Liberation Organization will employ all means, and first and foremost armed struggle, to liberate Palestinian territory and to establish the independent combatant national authority for the people over every part of Palestinian territory that is liberated.

For the full text please visit Palestine’s UN web area.


  1. Starting in 1948 from very first day of recreation of the State of Israel on the part of Israel territory, Arab countries waged several wars to eliminate Israel from her historic land. Israel won all wars and now Arab countries propose a peace agreement with Israel under conditions, which they intended to dictate. However, only Israel, who won all the wars and defeated Arab countries, has legal rights to formulate and dictate peace agreement terms and conditions, which, in general, shell include the following provisions:

    1. Palestinian muslims must compensate Jews for damages caused by Jews massacres (actually, it was Holocaust) conducted in Palestine in 1920s-1930s under British administration supervision, for providing Hitler with idea of Final Solution and for taking active part in implementing the idea in Europe.
    2. Arab countries must compensate Israel for damages inflicted on Israel during wars launched by Arab countries.
    3. Arab countries must compensate several million Jews expelled from Arab countries between 1948 and 1953, where they lived for centuries, for violation of international law and stealing Jewish properties.
    4. Arab countries must recognize “Article 24 of the 1964 PLO charter addressed to UN, which stipulates: Palestinian muslims do not claim Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza their territories” which gives Israel full legal rights to remove muslims from occupied Israel land of Palestine.
    5. Arab countries must comply with Geneva Convention, which recognizes Israel rights on Gaza, Judea and Samaria, historic Jewish land liberated by Israel in 1967 war from Jordan and Egypt occupation.
    6. Arab countries must recognize Jerusalem as historic Israel capital.
    7. Egypt and Jordan are obligated to relocate Palestinian muslims (their former citizens) from Gaza (Egypt), Judea and Samaria (Jordan) inside their territories within 1 (negotiable) year term.
    8. Arab countries have no right to develop or acquire WMD or weapon that can be used against Israel.

    If any Arab country denies this peace terms and conditions, Israel has full legal rights for preemptive strike against this country using all available military power. All islamofascism organizations operating on Israel territory occupied by Palestinian muslims, such as PLO&Fatah (created after WWII on the principles of Hitler’s ideology and with close ties to Nazi party and SS), Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Agsa Brigade, must be totally, unconditionally and immediately exterminated. All other Palestinian muslims must be expelled from Israel back to the countries of their origin.

    Comment by Mark Bernadiner — 2010/01/06 @ 6:19 am

  2. Historic lies and deviations are the result of the careless blind trust of all who are seeking the Historic Truth and Facts but do not trust first our creation and blessed evolution. Political and cultural lies and deviations had taken over the world, because the weaker human characters can not live up to the standards set originally by the Hebrews’ cultural standards, that Jews and all resulted deviations from the original pure true knowledge, moral and legal principals, our holy forefathers had shared with us by being chosen to realize and develop for future generations the way we must live so to comply with sustaining life on this only living planet within the universe – a fact we now know, but science self interests are made to lie so they keep looking while destroying the protective atmosphere protecting us as part of sustaining life on Earth.

    When we trust, that the Earth, Olam, belongs ultimately to its creator, and that all created is dearest of all to creation, we then start realizing the importance of Oneness we share while we all are one, single individuals – sharing The Air, Water, Bounty of seeds and food plus space on land and water – where we all need also some personal space.

    The biggest disservice we have, is from the people who use the taxes and fees we pay for self-serving and not for serving us – and the UN is now the worlds worst offender of the Moral and Legal standards it must follow – and does not – because I wonder who and/or what will make it accountable and honorable to follow its blessed charter?!

    Yisrael, also is unhappy with how Israel has been doing right yet is portrayed as doing only wrong! Enviers we had had as our friends who now act as our enemies, because they came to see and copy and deviate from the ways and how we had lived in our holylands granted to us prior to any Land Tittles, and created a new Kingdom on the other side of our river Jordan which does not allow Palestinians whom Egyptians also do not want among themselves – pushing Israel to house and support and yet create a new nation for the traditional Gypsies of the Middle East = Palestinians.

    We who know and seek the truth, are wining and will be sharing with all of you who are still Looking & Wondering yet not knowing The Eminent Truth of Everness on Eden, the only living planet within our known universe – as the coded Torah by the hand of Moses, is yet to be shared with you – so you also know Alohim as the miraculous one by its salvation through the chosen ones to serve our future generations and hopes for mankind we all are seeking in a truly-peaceful world where our Oneness is fully understood and celebrated plus served as we were blessed to evolve – without lies and deviations.

    (Please note: Moral Virtues and Legal values are the first cultural standards we must respect and follow, as these oldest standards are the keys to true happiness and success in life which are granted for free, historically to all who adhere to them – and recorded history does hold the truth about all nations – using Israel as The Indicator, because we are the original human-being to be and know – but we are expected to show and tell them and not to follow or try to gain theirs favors or weaker characters – and when we do, they will thank us – and the truth I may write as “Did GOD create Adam or did Adam created GOD for us to understand what he saw?!” is yet to be shared. If you start on the wrong way, you will never get to where you wanted.

    This website, is starting on the right and yet blessed way.

    Comment by Amnon — 2010/01/06 @ 11:30 am

  3. 1. Amnon, citing the Bible as a legal claim to land is stupid. It is a religious document, not a legal one.

    Calling Palestinians the Gypsies of the Middle East is also racist against two groups and you would be well advised to avoid statements that smack of the ‘wandering curse’ Jews have fought to get rid of.

    It’s particularly laughable that you include a screed on the world being God’s and One and to be shared just moments before you make your demand for personal space.

    2. Mark Bernadiner – Fatah is not an islamic organization, fascist or otherwise. Also, you contradict yourself by wanting to use Fatah’s ’64 Charter as the basis for a wholesale removal of all muslims from Israel while at the same time calling for its extinguishment.

    And I just got back from Israel – I have lived there through two wars and Rabin’s assassination with a Ketusha falling through my neighbor’s house.

    So I’m not naive or self-hating or an anti-semite, etc., etc. However I am also not a militarist or religious fundamentalist.

    Comment by BS — 2010/06/24 @ 12:35 pm

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