Overtly Skewed Media Coverage

Soldiers in the Congo

    Soldiers in the Congo

So much media attention is spent on Israel.  Is it deserved?

Military conflicts around the world are surely newsworthy.  By taking media coverage as an indicator, it would seem that most of the world’s military conflict occur in and around Israel…but how large is the conflict in Israel, compared to others?

Stealth Conflicts (via Augean Stables) demonstrates the issue with a clever chart

Comparison of Death Tolls in Congo and Israel

Comparison of Death Tolls in Congo and Israel

Pyjamas Media (also via Augean Stables) present a further analysis of the problem in an article describing the media footprint of conflicts.  They compare the media coverage of an incident from last year’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza to one in the Congo.  In Gaza, an errant shell accidentally killed 40 Gazan civilians when it was aimed at an artillery position a scant 30 meters away.  In the Congo, more than 100 civilians who took refuge in a catholic church were hacked to pieces by the LRA militia.  Pyjamas Media’s analysis (using Google News) found that the Gaza story was reported 242 times more than the Congo one.

Critics of Israel often cite the supposed disproportionality of response by the IDF.  Perhaps it’s time to look at the disproportionality of coverage by the media.


  1. Along similar lines… Israel-bashers love to pride themselves on how well-informed they think they are. Yet they managed to ignore the conflict in the Middle East for decades, even though more column inches of news coverage were devoted to Israel than to any other country, save the U.S. Quite an accomplishment!

    Comment by Liz Wagner — 2010/01/12 @ 1:05 pm

  2. Journalists have blood on their hands for inflating the conflict.

    Comment by Steven — 2010/01/12 @ 1:39 pm

  3. The complete west ignore the Kurdish issue.
    till today Turkey, Syria, Irak and Iran occupy Kurdistan and supres the kurdish people.
    This seems to be oke for the whole world,I still wait for Obama to announce a peace proces for the Kurdish issue, or at least demanding from its fellow NATO member Turkey to stop the Turkish occupation of Kurdistan.

    Sometime’s I wonder how free the western world press is …

    Comment by rafiq — 2010/06/10 @ 8:02 am

  4. the views omitt the “inculturated” carriers of unchangeable denominating of “Israel” in the christian as muslim canonised texts, in each as the negatorians of their pathes/relations to their concepts of God. Their problems of good-conceptions are obstacles to each of their religious day-by-day reality. They do not (like) to discern about historic Jews and nowadays jews. Religions are a message-carrier about Israel – sui generis, uncompareable to modern press. Not created by Jews as not influencable. Any journalist is by professional self definiton subliminaly aware of that ontologicqal problems. While science has to proof is thruh(es), theology – as journalism – do “make” their truth. It is not allowed to underquestion it and it is preserved and sanctionized in dogmatics. Pull them to justice, like the case of Gen. Sharon on the Lebanon war. Jews have to be aware of the ambiguosity from inculturated hatered – even if christians “found adviceable” 50 years after shoah, to damn antisemitism. The did not eradicate the past, and did not “clean” the brains, hearts and prejudices of their followers.

    Comment by Avraham — 2010/07/03 @ 7:10 am

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