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Womens Rights in the Middle East

Though the Arab Spring offers great promise for helping women gain equitable human rights in the Middle East, there is still tremendous work to be done on this read the full story

An Important Message to our Members

Last week, our Facebook page was attacked by spammers who tried to post lots of messages in support of Bashar Assad, president of Syria. The attack, orchestrate read the full story

Mahmoud Abbas, Leader of Palestine?

While Palestinian leader, Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) plays games on the international stage, his people in the Gaza Strip suffer. Please watch, comment on YouTub read the full story

The Syrian Dilemma: In the Grip of the Assad Dictatorship

For the last 45 years the Assad run dictatorship of Syria has ruled Syria with an iron clad grip. The discriminatory policies and actions embraced by this dicta read the full story

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